The Fast and the Curious Accelerated Learning Community

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Accelerated Learning Community

  • For students who almost test into Writing 121
  • An alternative to Writing 115

For highly motivated students who almost but don't quite test into Writing 121 (with a Reading Score of 76 or above and a Writing score of 85-95). This section of WR 121 will begin with your current abilities in reading, writing, and critical thinking, and support you as you fulfill the expectations and outcomes of Lane's transfer-level Writing 121 course. To promote your success in Writing 121, you will simultaneously enroll in Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing (WR 199), to help you build skills in academic literacy.

While this will be a challenging learning community, you will have the assistance of dedicated faculty who have designed the curriculum to be collaborative. "The Fast and the Curious" will also facilitate your acceleration by providing you with experienced peer mentorship. You'll get to know other students well as you work together in both of these courses.

At the end of successfully completing this learning community, you will have "fast tracked" through the WR115 and WR121 requirement; you will have completed you transfer-level Writing 121 course in addition to a 4-credit elective course; and you will have built skills that will support you throughout you entire college careers.

Registration Information for Fall 2014

For clearance to register, visit Candice Johnson or Linda Schantol in Language, Literature and Communication, Center Building, Room 457.

These courses are designed for you to take together. Enter both CRNs in myLane at the same time. Once registered, you may not drop one class without dropping both classes.

CRN 22448, WR121 Introduction to Academic Writing, TuTh 12:00p-01:50p
CRN 23990, WR199 Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing,  MW 02:00p-3:20p and F 2:00p-2:50p

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WR121 Introduction to Academic Writing

WR199 Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing

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