Cottage Grove High School

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Cottage Grove High School 2014-2015
Articulation Agreement as of 03/02/2015

High School Course TitleLCC Course TitleCourse NumberCreditsInstructor
Advanced Engineering TechBrakesAM 1431Medina
Advanced Engineering Tech, HydraulicsElectrical & Electronic SystemsAM 2432Medina
AP BiologyGeneral BiologyBI 101F4Roth-Vinson
AP BiologyGeneral BiologyBI 102E4Roth-Vinson
AP BiologyGeneral BiologyBI 103D4Roth-Vinson
MS Word for BusinessMS Word for BusinessBT 1203Florez
MS PowerPoint for BusinessMS PowerPoint for BusinessBT 1223Florez
AP ChemistryGeneral Chemistry 1CH 2215Walker
AP ChemistryGeneral Chemistry 2CH 2225Walker
AP ChemistryGeneral Chemistry 3CH 2225Walker
CAD 3Mechanical DraftingDRF 1212Medina
CAD 4Architectural Drafting-PlansDRF 1374Medina
Beginning DraftingGraphic ConceptsDRF 1422Medina
Beginning DraftingCAD 1DRF 1674Medina
Advanced CAD 2Solid ModelingDRF 2453Medina
Early Childhood EducationIntroduction to Early ChildhoodECE 1202Kiilsgaard
Child Development or Early Childhood EducationTheory & Supervised Teaching 1ECE 1403Kiilsgaard
Child DevelopmentChild DevelopmentHDFS 2263Kiilsgaard
Anatomy/Medical TerminologyMedical Terminology 1HO 1003Hutchins
Wellness OccupationsAdministrative Medical Office ProceduresHO 1103Cullander
Survey of Health ProfessionsSurvey of Health ProfessionsHO 1203Cullander
Anatomy/Medical TerminologyHuman Body Systems 1HO 1503Hutchins
Anatomy/Medical TerminologyHuman Body Systems 2HO 1523Hutchins
Culinary 1Restaurant OperationsHRTM 1053Kiilsgaard
Culinary 2Introduction to Hospitality ManagementHRTM 1063Kiilsgaard
Engineering TechnologyManufacturing TechnologyMFG 1971-6Medina
Algebra 2Intro to Contemporary MathMTH 0955Blanca
CN Pre-CalculusCollege AlgebraMTH 1115Drumm
CN StatisticsIntro to Probability StatisticsMTH 2434Blanca/Drumm
College Now PhysicsGeneral PhysicsPH 2015Lindstrom
College Now PhysicsGeneral Physics

PH 202

College Now PhysicsGeneral PhysicsPH 2035Lindstrom
Spanish 3/4Spanish First YearSPAN 1035Brachmann
Spanish 4Spanish Second YearSPAN 2015Brachmann
CN Research WritingIntroduction to College WritingWR 1154Swearingen
CN Language ArtsIntroduction to Academic WritingWR 1214Swearingen
Composition: Argument, Style & ResearchComposition: Argument, Style & ResearchWR 1224Swearingen