Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

The goal of the Lane Dental Clinic is to provide the public with patient-centered, comprehensive, preventive and therapeutic dental care, while at the same time providing practical, educational experiences for dental hygiene students.

The Lane Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic is now scheduling appointments. If you have not had a dental visit within the past two years, please call (541) 463-5206 for a screening appointment.

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Please use this list of Frequently Asked Questions to acquaint yourself to the services of the Lane Dental Clinic:

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Question: What services are available?

  • dental clinic hygienist stationsBlood pressure screening
  • Oral screening by staff dentists
  • X-rays as needed:
    • Bite Wings
    • Full Mouth Surveys
    • Panoramic Films
  • Non-surgical periodontal therapy/teeth cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Sealants
  • Restorative (provided only to patients who have completed dental hygiene services)

Question: Who qualifies for care?

The clinic is open to the general public with emphasis on adult patients who have not had regular preventive dental care. It is our policy to alternate periodic oral hygiene services with the client's general dentist.

Question: What is the cost?

  • Screening appointment: No Charge
  • Adults: $40.00
  • Seniors (60+): $30.00
  • Children: $20.00
  • Sealants (per): $5.00
  • Full Mouth Series: $25.00
  • Panoramic X-ray: $20.00
  • Nitrous per session: $15.00
  • Restorative: Variable fees (provided only to patients who have completed dental hygiene services)

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Question: Who provides the care?

Dental Hygiene students provide services under the supervision of dentists and faculty members who are registered dental hygienists. Universal Precautions (infection control and safety guidelines) recommended by the CDC and ADA are used to protect patients' health and safety.

Question: What if I need additional treatment?

Dental Hygiene students provide services that meet their educational requirements. All needs of the patient may not be met and the patient may be referred back to the family dentist. A referral listing of dentists in the community is available by calling the Lane County Dental Society at (541) 686-1175.

Question: How long will my appointment take?

The initial no-cost appointment will take 2 hours. Patient treatment appointments take up to three and one half hours. Students are being supervised and evaluated by faculty during all phases of treatment; the process is time consuming. Additional appointments are often needed to provide comprehensive, quality preventive dental care. Allow plenty of time.

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Question: When is the clinic open?

Clinic hours and appointments vary; please call (541) 463-5206 to discuss appointment availability.

Question: Can I get the X-rays taken at Lane?

The facility uses digital radiography. At your request, diagnostic x-rays can be sent to your dentist. Please inform your student clinician or the reception desk personnel of the dental office where you would like your films sent.

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Question: Where is the Lane Dental Clinic?

The Dental Clinic is located at 2460 Willamette St (Second Floor) in Eugene.