Health Professions Program Physicals

Health Professions Program Physicals

Summer is upon us and with it comes the program physicals. Almost all of the health care related programs require not only a physical, but also a number of vaccinations or proof of having had those vaccinations in the past. Proof can be in the form of a legitimate vaccine record from your doctor or the state ALERT program, or in the form of blood tests to see if you are immune to certain illnesses. It is the program, not the Health Clinic, which determines what is needed in order to complete your enrollment. Your program directors are your source of advice on this, not the providers or staff of the Health Clinic.

We are able to offer students at Lane low cost physicals and labs, but we need your help to do this efficiently and without impacting the care of other patients.

  1. You must call in timely manner to schedule your appointment for your program physical. Do not expect to be seen the same day you call, EVEN IF YOUR PHYSICAL IS DUE need to plan ahead and schedule appropriately.
  2. If you will need labs done, you need to schedule your appointment no later than 10 days before your paperwork is due. If you wait until the last minute to take care of this it will cost you almost twice as much money for the lab work because we cannot send your blood to the state lab and will need to send it to local, much more expensive facilities. As an example, if you need all 5 titers done, it would cost you $79 to get it sent to the state lab, and almost $150 to send it to a local lab. But it takes 7-10 days to get the results back from the state lab.
  3. You need to bring ALL information and paperwork with you to your physical, and it must be filled out appropriately. If you arrive unprepared we will reschedule your appointment.
  4. We have occasionally offered mass screening days or scheduled days that were totally devoted to doing your health professions physicals. Watch for information regarding this. We are not certain we will do this again this summer as it uses large amounts of resources and students have not utilized these as much as we expected in the past.

If you have chosen to enter the health care field you will be expected to be responsible, accountable, and thoughtful. Getting your program physical, labs, and immunizations organized can be looked upon as your first test.

REMEMBER: It is your responsibility to gather up all of the information required by your program.