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Low Cost Physicals

We are pleased to provide low cost physicals for our LCC Health Professions students. You must make an appointment for one of these clinics (541) 463-5665). If you arrive  without your physical or immunization forms and records we will reschedule your appointment. Please return to your Health Professions department if you have any questions about your required paperwork.

Hints for obtaining immunization records:

  • Come in to the clinic and fill out a release of information prior to your appointment; sometimes we are more successful at obtaining them from your provider; we need their name and phone number at the least.
  • If you are a recent high school graduate, your high school may have these records (get them before the summer break!).
  • If you have had recent immunizations, they may have registered at Oregon Immunization ALERT, (800) 980-9431.

Contact the Health Clinic for current dates, times and fees for physicals and immunizations.