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Call for NominationsLane's Distinquished Alumni Award Presented

The Lane Community College Foundation is seeking nominations for the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

At Lane Community College, we are proud of every student. The Distinguished Alumni Awards give us an opportunity to profile students who have gone on to make a difference in their communities, and who have remembered the college along the way.

Each year, we recognize four alumni who completed 30 credit hours at Lane or earned an associate's degree. Nominees have demonstrated achievement in their chosen profession, service to the community, or outstanding contributions to the college.

The 2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards will be presented in August 2015.

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Nominations for consideration for 2015 are due by June 30, 2015

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2014 Awardees (As a tribute to Lane's 50th Anniversary we honored an alum from each decade)

Commissioner Bill Dwyer

1960's Honoree Commissioner Bill Dwyer

Bill Dwyer has a long history of service to our community and our state. He has served as an Oregon State Representative, an Oregon State Senator, and also as a Lane County Commissioner.
Commissioner Dwyer moved with his wife and children to Eugene in 1965, just one year after the bond establishing the college was passed in 1964. He recalls the early days of Lane Comminuty College, when classes were held on Monroe Street in Eugene.

Commissioner Dwyer attended Lane for two years in 1968 and 1969, and sees the college as a place that gives students the opportunity to follow their dreams whether they are planning to transfer or join the workforce. For Commissioner Dwyer, the importance of access to affordable education cannot be overstated, he says, "The enemy we all have is poverty. We need to break the cycle." One of his concerns today is the rising cost of education and the disproportionate effect this has on those living in poverty and their access to higher education.
After his time at Lane, he became increasingly involved in politics, chairing the local Democratic Party and eventually running for public office. He says, "Education is important, and throughout my career I was proud to say I attended Lane." 

Two of Commissioner Dwyer's children are currently attending Lane Community College. His daughter, Cheryl, received her associate's degree in culinary, and is now working towards an additional degree while his daughter, Linda, is going back to school at LCC this year as well.

Commissioner Dwyer appreciates that Lane, as the community's college, gives people the opportunity for new classes that may not have been offered previously, as well as plenty of opportunities for lifelong learning. He says, "I love the idea that if there was a subject that interested me or if I wanted to teach something that people were interested in, that we could put together a class." Commissioner Dwyer is a lifelong learner and continues to support Lane and the community.

Doug Koke

1970's Honoree Doug Koké

Doug Koke, owner of QSL Print Communications, sees Lane Community College as a place for people to better themselves and transform their dreams and interests into a successful career path.

When Doug graduated from high school he began working full-time for his father's business. He wanted to go to college, but it seemed impossible with his schedule. He was delighted to discover that he could take night courses at Lane and fit his classes around his work schedule. This flexibility allowed him to continue his education and set out on the path to achieving his own goals.

Doug took courses in Business Management and has never forgotten the impact education made on his life and his family. His wife, Nancy, received a nursing degree from Lane and his daughter, Keri, attended as well.

Doug feels that Lane is an important part of our community. He says, "Anybody that wants to learn something can go to Lane, you don't have a certain background or a checkbook to qualify." Doug also appreciates Lane's focus on workforce development and course offerings that strengthen his employees' skills as technology evolves.

QSL Print Communications is the print sponsor for Lane Community College Foundation's annual Harvest Dinner. His support of the LCC Foundation over the years has been instrumental in fundraising efforts for student scholarships at Lane.

Currently, Doug is enjoying spending his free time volunteering for various organizations in the community. He serves on the board of directors of the Oregon Club and is involved with the Relief Nursery.

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