Florence Meet the Dean

Spring 2014 Dean's Message:

Florence Dean Mary Jeanne Kuhar, MD

Spring term at LCC Florence means making sure you are on track to complete your degree or certificate in a timely manner. We realize that students need to know ahead of time what courses they can count on to be offered at Florence and what courses they need to take online or via telecourse. To that end, we are in the process of evaluating our on-site academic classes to assure that students can count on having the courses they need for their programs and degrees.

Students looking for classes to fulfill AAOT discipline studies requirements can look forward to Sociology, English Literature, Art History and Basic Drawing classes to be offered yearly at our center. We will continue to assure access to the math and writing sequences as well as the science prerequisites for nursing.

For students who need some additional coaching before starting college work, we are developing a Student Resource Center that we hope to pilot in the fall.

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Mary Jeanne Kuhar, MD
Dean of Lane Community College at Florence