Custodial Services Teams

Custodial Services Teams

Main Campus Custodial Services Team

Green TeamBlue Team
Responsible CoordinatorCraig KulmResponsible CoordinatorJanet Martin


Jake19JohnCenter Kitchen and Stairs
Kevin1RonCafeteria and Stairs
Aaron3 and outside ElevatorMattCafeteria and Stairs
YolandaLower 4Bruce12, Center Basement, Bookstore, and 3rd Floor
MarieUpper 4 and 5WendellCenter 2nd Floor
BobbiUpper 4 and 5Linda P.Library
LamarLower 5LarryCenter 4th Floor and N/S Elevator
TracyLower 5GeneLower East 16
Tony30Linda C.Lower West 16
Sam30JennieLynnUpper 16
Randy6 and 8Chad17, 18 and Outside Elevator
SSS7, 9, 13, 15DonCDC
Coordinator2, Backfill, Quality ControlCoordinator31, Backfill, Quality Control

Coordinators rotate every term

Off Campus Custodial Team

Coordinated by Custodial Services Manager, Katherine Vos

ShellyAir TechPatCottage Grove