Help Choosing Program-Major

Choosing the correct Program of Study/major at Lane

Choose the correct program of study/major by completing the Program of Study Wizard.

What is a "Program of Study"?  That is the degree or certificate you will be working towards.

The Program of Study Wizard will help you with picking the correct program of study/major listed in the admissions/readmissions and Program of Study change tool in myLane to match your educational goals. If you need financial aid to attend Lane, the Program of Study Wizard will guide you to choose from Program of Study programs that are financial aid eligible.

Complete the Program of Study Wizard (select "Login as a Guest") to determine what is the best Program of Study/major for you to choose.  After you are done, write down your Program of Study choice and use this when completing the Admissions/Readmissions on-line process.

Use the Program of Study results and click on the following links to apply or reapply for admissions:

Admissions, Readmissions


Choose/change Program of Study if you have already been admitted