Team Members

Team Members

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Any inquiries or applications for professional development funding, please contact CPDT directly via for response.


Michael Levick, Academic Technology Center, ext. 3349
Roxanne Watson, Professional & Organizational Development, ext. 3655

Active Members

Barbara Bailey, IRAP, ext. 5576
Renee Bathke, Disability Resources, ext. 5662
Cindy Erickson, Workforce Development Dept, ext. 5223
Gloria Jarvis, College Finance, ext. 5605
Heather Lee, Lane Foundation, ext. 5777
Leilani Pérez Mayo, English as a Second Language (ESL), ext. 3403
Casandra Rhay, Enrollment and Student Financial Services, ext. 5641
Patsy Slaughter, Specialized Support Services (S3), ext. 5103
Roberta Stitt, Titan Store, ext. 5680

Administrative Representative

Donna Koechig, Manager, Professional and Organizational Development, ext. 5307


Gary Conklin, Mail Services, ext. 5575
Tina Dresser, Continuing Education, ext. 4634
Tina Lymath, Student Life and Leadership, ext. 5336
Russel Ruddy, Specialized Employment Services, ext. 7003
Lesley Stine, Mathematics Department, ext. 5393
Irene Willoughby, DTC/Continuing Education, ext. 5909