Team Members

Team Members


  • Casandra Rhay, Financial Aid, x5641
  • Heather Lee, Lane Foundation, x5777

Active Members

  • Barbara Bailey, IRAP, x5576
  • Cindy Erickson, Workforce Development, x5223
  • Gloria Jarvis, College Finance, x5605
  • Patsy Slaughter, Specialized Support Services, x5103
  • Michael Levick, Academic Technology Center, x3349
  • Roberta Stitt, Titan Store, x5680


  • Donna Koechig, Manager, Professional and Organizational Development, x5307


  • Leilani Pérez Mayo, English as a Second Language (ESL), x3403
  • Gary Conklin, Mail Services, x5575
  • Tina Dresser, Continuing Education, x4634
  • Tina Lymath, Student Life and Leadership, x5336
  • Russel Ruddy, Specialized Employment Services, x7003
  • Lesley Stine, Mathematics Department, x5393
  • Irene Willoughby, DTC/Continuing Education, x5909