Professional Development Reimbursement Programs

 CPDT Reimbursement Programs

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CPDT offers 3 distinct reimbursement programs to help eligible classified staff pay for professional development opportunities.

  • Fund 1 (includes funds 1a and 1b) – Financial assistance to complete a college degree/certificate program (1a); and financial assistance to take a class for professional development reasons (1b).
  • Fund 2 – Financial assistance to attend a conference/workshop not required by your manager and/or for you to do your job at Lane.
  • Fund 3 – Financial assistance to pay for membership dues, subscription fees, and professional licensure/certification fees, as long as it is not a requirement of your job at Lane.

Read the guidelines carefully to determine which fund is appropriate for your professional development needs. The deadline to apply for each fund varies – deadline dates are included in the guidelines. Late submissions and/or incomplete submissions may be denied.

If you have any questions related to these funds that cannot be answered by reading the guidelines, please email us at