Professional Development Reimbursement Programs

 Reimbursement Programs

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Read the guidelines carefuly to determine which fund fits your situation. Choosing the wrong fund may result in a denial of request for funding.

This application may be used for all three funding options below. After completing the portion of the application that relates to your specific fund request, please save it to your desktop.

The application and all required materials must be submitted electronically to the CPDT mailbox, with a paper copy provided to the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) office located on the second floor of Building 3/Administration by the published deadline found on the guidelines page for the specific fund.

It is not the responsibility of CPDT to prompt a staff member that their application is incomplete. Incomplete applications run the risk of being denied.


Fund 1 - Pays for classes or degree programs for professional development. Applicants must submit both paper and electronic copies prior to the published deadline for their application packet to be considered complete. 

Fund 2 - Pays for costs associated with attending conferences and workshops for professional and personal development.  Applicants are encouraged to at least four weeks prior to the first date of the conference they wish to attend in order to avoid missing early registration discounts.

Fund 3 - Pays for membership dues or subscription fees associated with professional and personal development.  Applicants do not have an imposed deadline due to the nature of the fund.

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