Steps to Enroll for Prior College

Steps to Enroll for "Prior College" Students 

Welcome new Lane students!! We're happy you have chosen to enroll at Lane. In the following Steps to Enroll, you will embark on the road to successfully fulfilling your academic dreams!

A few matters to consider: There are ongoing opportunities to enroll using the steps below, throughout the summer and into the weeks before fall term begins. As a new fall term student, you will need to complete the Steps to Enroll by Wednesday, September 24. Remember, the earlier you enroll, you increase the chances of getting the classes you need and want, so please do not wait until the last minute to enroll. And consider your timing - completing the steps may take 4-10 days.

Step 1: Complete the required online Admissions form 

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid if needed

  • Due to the unprecedented increase in the number of financial aid applications being processed, it is taking 4-12 weeks to process aid awards once all documents have been received.  We urge you to submit your financial aid application immediately.

Step 3: Submit your official transcripts to Enrollment and Student Financial Services

  • Complete this step if you plan to earn a degree or certificate from Lane.

Step 4: Decide on your need to take placement tests 

If you have not completed a math course within the past four terms (with a C- or higher), then schedule your math placement test now.

If you have completed a writing composition course with a grade C- or higher at a previous college, you do not need to take the reading/writing placement test. Proceed to Step 5.

If you have not completed a writing composition course at a previous college, or you earned a grade lower than a C-, you must take the reading/writing placement test before you can register. Go here to make a placement test appointment before proceeding to Step 5.

The Placement Testing deadline for Fall term is Wednesday, September 24, or earlier if appointments are full on this date.

Step 5: 
Log into Moodle and complete the required New Student Information Session 

Step 6: Drop-in for your required New Student Academic Advising Session 

  • Find out when Prior College academic advising sessions are available.
  • The last week to drop-in for a Fall term Session is the week of September 22.

Step 7: Register for classes on myLane

  • Under the myEnrollment tab, choose the "When Can I Register?" and the "View Holds" links to be sure you are cleared to register. If you have any holds, follow the instructions given on how to remove your holds.

If you have any questions about academic advising or programs offered at Lane Community College, contact the Counseling Department: