Information Technology: Use of Services

Information Technology
(541) 463-3355
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Bill Schuetz
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Responsible Executive Authority: 
Chief Information Officer

This procedure describes the services offered by the Information Technology, the personnel and organizations to whom these services are available, and the process for requesting such services. Services include computer use, email and file storage access, administrative software services access (Banner), and programming services.


Use of Computer

The college's Information Technology facilities and services are available for use by the following personnel and organizations.

  1. Lane Community College students and staff.  The computer use must be related to Lane's instructional mission or administrative needs and will not be used to support  personal or outside commercial activities.
  2. Outside organizations that have comparable data processing equipment and that are willing to reciprocate the use of equipment under written arrangement with the associate vice president for Information Technology.
  3. Nonprofit organizations for which Lane grants the use of facilities as a community service project upon written approval by the president.
  4. Outside organizations or individuals that, due to the unique nature of the facilities or services or the fact that these facilities are the sole sources in the district, wish to use these facilities or services and pay a comparable commercial use rate.  The Chief Information Officer approves these arrangements.

All other requests for use of data processing facilities and services are submitted in written form to the Chief Information Officer for review and approval.

GroupWise E-mail and Netware file storage

Access may be gained by submitting a request through It Direct, indicating who the employee is that requires a new account or changes to their account along with the pertinent details. The department the employee works for must submit the request for the employee.  An email account will be created and proper access will be given to a shared network drive.  The new employee will then need to sign up for a required email training session with the GroupWise trainer at (541) 463-3377.  The same form can also be used for name changes and departmental moves.  Only active college employees or others covered by the Management Working Agreement receive this benefit. See the IT department page for assistance with submitting a request.

Access to the Banner Administrative Software System

Access may be requested by contacting the data custodian of the respective Banner Software module: Finance (541) 463-5608, Financial Aid (541) 463-5266, Human Resources  (541) 463-5586 or Student Enrollment Services (541) 463-5686. New employees needing self-service access for Employees or self-service access for Faculty/Advisors will need to contact Human Resources.  See Information Technology: Banner Access Requests.

Programming Services

The Programming Services team consists of a group of Programmer/Analysts whose goal is to provide students, prospective students, faculty and staff with quality programming services in support of our current and future enterprise systems. 

Programming services may be requested through the appropriate data custodian of the Banner Systems. Modifications to baseline Banner are not to be implemented except under exigent business necessity and with the approval of the Chief Information Officer. Other programming requests, once approved by the appropriate data custodian, will be prioritized and a completion date will be set based on the priorities, workloads and resources required.

Production Printing

Information Technology provides high-speed printing with two sided (duplexing) printing capability. Printing processes and access will need to be coordinated with the Systems Programmer/Analyst. All other execution of tasks, scripts and printing will be performed in the respective work areas of the data custodian.

Production Computer Runs

Computer Operations services ended on June 30th, 2003 with the full implementation of the new administrative computer system. All inquiries for production runs of data and reporting need to be requested through the appropriate data custodian.

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Thursday, July 1, 2004