Information Technology: Administrative Computer System Baseline Modification

Information Technology
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Bill Schuetz
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Responsible Executive Authority: 
Chief Information Officer

This procedure describes the appropriate process for requesting a modification to the baseline product(s). College Information Technology policy is to implement and maintain Banner and related administrative computer systems as closely as possible to the baseline product(s) delivered by the vendor.


This procedure is used in conjunction with the policy by the same name. The procedure was developed by Lane's "Banner And Related Systems coordinating group" (BARScg) and reviewed and amended by the Executive Team.


The college has designated a data custodian for each major module of the core administrative system. Data custodians are identified for the Student, Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources and Scheduling areas. Phone or email the procedure contact person (above) for the names of the current data custodians.


  1. The process is initiated by one of the data custodians after consultation with the appropriate AVP or VP.
  2. The data custodian completes the request form through the "Functional analysis" section and submits it to the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  3. The CIO will assign the request to technical staff to complete the "Technical analysis" section.
  4. Technical staff will return the completed form to the CIO.
  5. The CIO will complete the "decision" section of the form and send completed copies to the originating data custodian, the technical staff and the Lane database administrator (DBA).
  6. The DBA will maintain a file of approved modification requests.
Date Adopted: 
Sunday, January 1, 2006
Date Last Reviewed: 
Sunday, January 1, 2006