Equipment: Disposal

Facilities Management and Planning
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Todd Smith
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Vice President, College Services

This procedure identifies the department manager as the person responsible for declaring property to be surplus, and the steps to be taken by the manager and the Facilities Management and Planning Department.


Departments shall notify Facilities Management and Planning of the intent to sell, trade, scrap, or transfer any item of departmental equipment or furniture, regardless of cost or value, and shall transfer such item(s) to Facilities Management.  To effect the transaction, an Inter-Campus Order Form (ICO) shall be completed, approved by the appropriate vice president, if necessary (see Paragraph 4, below), and sent to Facilities Management for each equipment item designated for disposal, transfer, etc.

Items designated for disposal shall first be offered to other college departments before being designated for disposal outside the college.  This may be done by internal notices and advertising in e-mail or The Weekly, combined with published notices of periods when the surplus area is open for inspection by college staff.

The order of preference for disposal of surplus property shall be:

  1. Trade-ins on replacement equipment;
  2. Other Lane departments;
  3. Other government agencies and political subdivisions;
  4. Non-profit organizations; and
  5. Public offering (auctions, bids, etc.).

Any surplus remaining after being offered to the college departments shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations. This property may be disposed of through third party liquidators, by other political subdivisions through intergovernmental agreement or by the purchasing director acting as agent for the college.Authority for various types of and levels of property disposal shall be as follows.

  1. Only managers may declare property as "surplus."
  2. Any disposal of property with a market value of $25,000 or greater shall have prior approval of the vice president for College Operations (or designee).
  3. The Facilities director may approve property transfers, including donations, to other governmental agencies, political subdivisions and non-profit organizations up to a value of $25,000 per transaction.

Property designated for disposal shall not be sold "over-the-counter" to individuals or agencies.Facilities Management shall maintain records of all disposed property and shall provide a report of all property sold, when appropriate.  The report shall be distributed to all interested departments and individuals.

Money received from the disposal of property in excess of $500 per item, or predesignated lot (group of like items), shall be credited to the originating department.  Money received from the disposal of property sold for $500 or less per item, or predesignated lot, shall be credited to the general fund and designated for capital outlay, as determined through the normal budget process.

Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Monday, September 1, 2003