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This procedure describes steps to take when considering demotion of a classified or management employee. This procedure does not apply to faculty with documented performance problems. [1] This procedure kind of suggests that demotion is the only option available to address performance issues, but we also have a procedure for disciplinary action. Should there be some clarification here?

Nadine Williams


A demotion is a personnel action taken by a management supervisor to reduce the pay level of an employee due to documented performance problems.


The management supervisor is responsible for documenting performance problems through the evaluation process.  Managers are encouraged to discuss serious performance problems with the director of Human Resources (or a designee) or the college's labor relations consultant before taking any further action.

If a performance problem cannot be resolved, the supervisor can retain the employee but change the job description to correspond to the employee's actual level of performance.  This revised job description must be submitted to Human Resources for classification review before a pay change can take place (see Reclassification of Classified Positions or Reclassification of Management Positions).  If changes in the job description result in a pay reduction (demotion), notification and a Personnel Action Form to implement the reduction will be prepared by Human Resources as provided in the reclassification process and the appropriate contract or working agreement.  The step placement guidelines outlined in the appropriate reclassification procedure will be followed for employees who are demoted.

"Bumping" in Lieu of Demotion

In certain instances, under terms of the Classified Contract, classified employees retain "bumping" rights to previous employment for a limited period of time.  If the performance problem cannot be resolved, the employee may choose to exercise this right in lieu of demotion or termination.  Human Resources will notify the employee and the employee's present and prior supervisors if this option exists for the employee.  If the employee chooses to exercise this right, Human Resources will provide appropriate notification to all parties and will initiate a personnel action form to transfer the employee back to their original assignment.  Human Resources will also initiate the paperwork necessary to terminate the "bumped" employee.

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Saturday, May 1, 1999
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Sunday, September 1, 2002