Contract Approvals

College Services
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Primary Contact: 
Brian Kelly
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Responsible Executive Authority: 
Vice President, College Services

This procedure describes the respective roles of department manager, legal counsel, and Vice President with regard to contract approval.


Note: This procedure does not apply to grants and contracts that are subject to the grant approval or renewal process.

  1. The originating department manager reviews contract or agreement and forwards the contract to the appropriate vice president's or president's office for review with the following information:
    1. A copy of the prior contract if the new contract is a renewal of a previous contract; and
    2. A completed Contract Review Form.
  2. Whenever possible, the department manager will send an electronic version to the vice president's office.
  3. The vice president's or president's office will fax a copy of the contract and Contract Review Form to legal counsel for review.
  4. Lane legal counsel will work directly with the Lane contact person and "other party" contact person either by phone, email or in writing to make necessary revisions and/or respond to questions.  When revisions are complete, legal counsel will return three (3) originals of the contract to the appropriate vice president's office stamped "Reviewed and Approved as to Form" with the date and signature of Lane legal counsel on the signature page of the contract.  A cover memo from legal counsel will identify the contract as being sent and will be sent to the Lane contact person and to the executive assistant to the president.
  5. The vice president's office will return the stamped "reviewed and approved" originals to the originating department.
  6. The department manager or Lane contact person will obtain the necessary "other party" signatures and send three (3) signed originals to the vice president's office for the vice president's signature.
  7. The vice president's office will sign the contract on behalf of the college.  Only Clerks and Deputy Clerks have the authority to sign contracts and bind the college (Board Policy B.100).
  8. One fully executed original will be kept in the president's office. One fully executed original and one copy will be provided to the department manager. In the event that the vice president is required to sign the contract prior to the "other party", it is the department manager's responsibility to ensure a fully executed original is sent to the president's office.
  9. The department manager or Lane contact person will send one fully executed original to the "other party" to the contract and will keep one executed copy in the department files.
Date Adopted: 
Saturday, May 1, 1999
Date Last Reviewed: 
Saturday, April 1, 2006