Co-op Staff Directory

Co-op Staff Directory

Co-op Staff DirectoryTo reach Co-op Division staff, call the number next to his/her name or call the Coop Division office and ask for the individual by name: (541) 463-5203.

Barnes, Sara(541) 463-3276NursingBldg 30 Rm 102
Brokaw, Tom(541) 463-5633Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)Bldg 30 Rm 229

Candee, Steve

(541) 463-5188ASLCC, Political Science (on campus sites)CEN Rm 410H
Clemons, Marv(541) 463-3158Auto Body & Fender, Automotive Technology, Aviation Maintenance, Construction, Diesel Technology, Drafting, Electronics Technology, Energy Mangement, Flight Technology, General Work Experience 180 & 280, Health Occupations, Landscape, Manufacturing Technology, Occupational Skill Training, Sustainability Coordinator, Water Conservation Technician, Watershed Science Technician, WeldingBldg 8 Rm 111
del Nero, John(541) 463-5286Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geography, HistoryCEN Rm 419E
Driscoll, Norma(541) 463-3176Respiratory CareBldg 30 Rm 210
Farfan, Beverly(541) 463-5395Ethnic Studies, Psychology, Service Learning, SociologyCEN Rm 420E
Fike, Chuck(541) 463-5078Aerobics, Athletic Training, Athletics, Career Skills Training, Coaching, Corrective Fitness, Fitness, Fitness Management,  General Work Experience 280, Health Records Technology (HRT), Physical Education, Political Science (off campus), Pre-Law, Recreation, WellnessBldg 19 Rm 231C

Greer, Leslie

(541) 463-5638

Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene

Bldg 4 Rm 135

Hughes, Teresa(541) 463-3179Art & Applied Design, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Music, Performing ArtsBldg 17 Rm 106
Kelsch, Jamie(541) 463-5540Accounting, Administrative Office Professional, Business Management, Community Health Worker, Medical Receptionist, Real Estate, Retail ManagementBldg 19 Rm 253A
Kluhsman, Brenda(541) 463-4826All Florence Campus Co-ops: Accounting, Administrative Office Professional, Automotive Technology, Business Mangement, Construction, Education (K-12 Teacher Prep), General Work Experience, Health Occupations, Human Services, Landscape, Sustainability Coordinator, WeldingFLC Rm 116
Lasher, Marlene(541) 463-5491Human ServicesCEN Rm 410
McCully, Joe(541) 463-3516Culinary Arts, Hospitality ManagementBldg 19 Rm 210
Meenaghan, Gerry(541) 463-5883Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Computer Network Operations, Computer Simulation & Game Development, Engineering, Environmental Science, Health Informatics, Honors Programs, International Work Experience, Mathematics, Physics, Programming, Sustainability Coordinator, Systems SupportBldg 19 Rm 231A
Oldham, Garry(541) 463-5194Human ServicesCEN Rm 410G
Pittman, Marty(541) 463-3177Medical Office Assistant (MOA)Bldg 18 Rm 105
Rickerl, Kellee(541) 463-5624Respiratory Care Clinical PracticeBldg 30 Rm 208
Songer, Lynn(541) 463-5493Geographic Information Science (GIS)CEN Rm 410
Thorpe, Beth(541) 463-3274Physical Therapist Assistant (Clinical Affiliation)Bldg 30 Rm 108
Watrous, Merrill(541) 463-5423Early Childhood Education (Pre-school), Education (K-12 Teacher Prep), English/Writing, French, SpanishCEN 420H
Wearne, Dorothy(541) 463-5656JournalismBldg 18 Rm 214