Lane Foundation scholarship deadline is early March, 2016 & OSAC deadline is March 1, 2016 at 5pm.

Scholarship committees want to give funding to students who will be successful in their education, career, and life. Your challenge is to "prove" to scholarship committees that you are a good investment! On your scholarship applications, you need to demonstrate that you have qualities that will make you successful, such as initiative, determination, integrity, service to others, leadership, overcoming obstacles, commitment, etc. The list could go on and on....

Start by identifying your skills, values, and strengths, then outline examples of past experiences where you have demonstrated those qualities. Seek ideas, help, and advice from people who know you well (family, friends, advisors, supervisors, etc.) and who can help you present yourself as a strong scholarship applicant.

CES advisors and Student Service Associates (peer assistants) are available to help you with your scholarship search!

Scholarship Search

Scholarships by Major, Category, and College
These scholarships are not affiliated with Lane Community College.  Eligibility requirements, award amounts, and application deadlines vary; please carefully review each scholarship. This list does not reflect all available scholarships.

Scholarship Scams
Be wary of "scholarship scams" and organizations that will do your search for you for a fee. Students and parents are annually defrauded by scholarship scams. Find out more information about "scams".

Lane Community College Foundation
The LCC Foundation coordinates scholarships for new and continuing Lane students. Access their website for instructions for the online application process. Annual deadline is mid-March.

Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC)
OSAC is the state student financial aid agency for Oregon, administering a variety of state, federal, and privately funded student aid programs. The website provides access to a wealth of resources and funding information, including application materials for OSAC scholarships. Applications are available in mid-October on-line and are due March 1.

Oregon Career Information System (CIS)
The Lane username and password are available by contacting Career & Employment Services.
Use the Financial Aid Sort program in CIS to search their scholarship database for listings that meet your criteria. Create your Portfolio when you first logon, so you can save results of scholarship searches to your account. High schools that license CIS have specific usernames and passwords for their students.

Scholarship Information in Spanish
This page offers scholarship information and scholarship research websites in Spanish.

More Scholarship Websites...