Classes and Workshops

Classes & Workshops


(These classes are listed under the "Career Development" section in the online class schedule.)

Career and Life Planning classes (CG140)

Career and Life Planning classes focus on self awareness and self assessment; career exploration and researching options; and decision making and goal setting. This course is typically available in four formats:

  1. A three-credit class taught on the Main campus.
  2. A one-credit "individualized instruction" class, taught on the Main campus, where students work one-on-one with a counselor to complete course activities.
  3. A three-credit telecourse, offered through the Distance Learning department
  4. Online classes, offered through the Distance Learning department

Extended Career Exploration (CG 180, 3 credits)

A special section of Cooperative Education designed for students who have narrowed their interests to a few career fields and want to receive credit for investigating these areas more deeply.  Students create a term plan indicating activities they want to investigate, ranging from internet research, talking to people in jobs of interest, and planning classes or activities that will deepen background knowledge to help with career decision making.  Offered Fall, Winter and Spring terms, it is designed to provide students with resources and activities to further the process of career choice. This class is a good follow up to Career and Life Planning, but there are no prerequisites.

"Show Me the Money!" Learning Community (offered Winter term only)

This learning community links CG105, Scholarships: $$ for College (2 credits) with WR105, Writing for Scholarships (2 credit). Students must enroll in both courses. These integrated courses provide students with structure and support to complete quality scholarship applications, as part of a well-developed scholarship portfolio. Students develop skills in self-assessment, planning, organization, writing, and scholarship research.

Non-Credit Classes and Other Workshops