Career Information Resources

Career Information Resources

There are 1000s of internet sites devoted to career and occupational information. The "staff favorites" are listed below, because we know they contain good information and are easy to navigate, for most users. If you need help finding the information you need, please come to our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Career Pathways
Career Pathways target jobs in industries of importance to the local economy.  They are designed to create both avenues of advancement for workers already in their fields and to supply new, highly qualified workers for local employers. Career Pathways Roadmaps is a visual tool for you to learn about the jobs, skills, and education requirements for a specific career.

Oregon Career Information System (CIS)
The Lane username and password are available by contacting Career & Employment Services.
This comprehensive program contains descriptions, outlook, wages, required skills and training, etc. for over 527 occupations that are common in Oregon. In CIS, use the "Occupations" link to access this information. CIS also includes information on Oregon and national schools, programs of study, military careers, small business ownership, apprenticeship programs, and scholarships.

The first time you login to CIS, we strongly encourage you to immediately "Create My Career Planning Portfolio" (link in upper right), which allows you to designate your personal username and password to be used in future logins. You'll then be able to save CIS information in your portfolio, like occupational information, results of school and financial aid searches, assessment results, etc.

Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS)
This Oregon Employment Department website has a mulititude of career exploration tools. OLMIS provides economic information to employers, job seekers, students, policy makers, analysts and others. You can find data on occupations, wages, outlook, employers, etc. according to specific state regions, i.e. Lane County.

Road Trip Nation
A guide to discovering your path in life from the PBS series: new interviews for a new generation.

America's Career InfoNet (ACINET)
This extensive site contains national and state-by-state information on wages, employment trends, occupational requirements, and employer contacts, as well as a comprehensive career resource library.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
A national resource which is revised every two years, the handbook (available in print or online) describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.

Oregon and National Colleges