Career Assessment

Career Assessment

The following introductory assessment tools are available on computers in Career and Employment Services, and are a part of the Oregon Career Information System (CIS).


This tool is a short interest inventory designed to be used as an introduction to career exploration. The inventory will help identify your interests, then match them with career categories and specific occupations in the CIS database. It is a useful starting point for exploring options and clarifying your interest areas. Bring your results to a career advisor or career counselor for further interpretation and exploration.


This tool uses either a worksheet or a card sort to help you identify your most satisfying skills. Then, the computer program compares the skills you like to use with those required for a variety of occupations in the CIS database. You can also choose an occupation from the database and generate a list of occupations that use similar skills. This assessment is best used in conjunction with an interest inventory, such as Ideas or the Strong Interest Inventory. Bring your results to a career advisor or career counselor for further interpretation.

Kerwin Values Survey

Helps you identify work attributes and values that are most important to you in your next career.

Career Counseling Assessments

More comprehensive and in-depth inventories are available within our one-credit and three-credit Career and Life Planning classes, or for students who are engaging in career counseling with a Lane counselor.