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Beginning Fly Fishing for Women
Learn and practice the basics of fly fishing in a cordial and supportive atmosphere. Come prepared to discover and enjoy! Learn fly casting skills, knots, fly selection, leader construction, reading the water, gear choices, seasons, species, where to go fishing---all this and more! Extensive handouts. All gear provided.

Southern Charm
Historic Charleston, St. Augustine, Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, Savannah, Factors Walk . . . Enjoy this armchair tour of the American South and the opportunity to join River Road Park & Recreation District on a weeklong journey through history and culture in fall 2015 . Co-sponsored by River Road Park & Recreation District, Willamette Oaks Retirement Living, Solvang Retirement Living and LCC Successful Aging Institute. To register, contact one of the co-sponsors listed below. (SAI Course)

3-4PM M, Jan 26, Willamette Oaks Retirement Living, 541-343-2688 (1hr no charge)
1-2PM Tu, Jan.27, River Road Park & Rec., 541-688-4052 (1hr no charge)
6-7PM Tu, Jan 27, Solvang Retirement Living, 541-461-0490 (1hr no charge)
1-2PM Tu Apr 7 River Road Park & Rec. 541-688-4052 (1hr no charge )

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