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Managing Life as a Single Parent

You love your kids more than anything in the world, but being a single parent is hard work. Whether you're single by choice or because of divorce, loss, or separation, this online parenting course will help you manage your life more effectively, from streamlining your daily routines and dealing with challenging behaviors at home to handling conflicts with your ex and making decisions about dating.

You'll also learn how to build a support network, manage your finances, discipline your kids, and much, much more.

This course is taught by a certified parent coach who specializes in supporting single moms and dads. Online Class!

Principles of Child Guidance (Saturday Circus)

An effective approach for improving relationships with children of all ages. Emphasis on skills and principles, including discipline, effective communication, encouragement, self-management, and alternatives to punishment. Attendees include parents, teachers, counselors, and social service professionals. View real life in-home video footage; participate in discussion and exercises to practice skills. (May be taken for credit)

Principles of Child Guidance Advanced

For parents who have learned principles of child guidance and want to refine their application to day-to-day situations with children. Emphasis is on discipline, and continued improvement of communication and encouragement skills. Practice skills in class. (May be taken for credit)

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