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Exercise and Fitness

Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu 

Learn the basic fundamentals of the traditional and ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu: breathing, stretching, stances, forms, application and mental focus.. Learn self-defense, entry-level weapons techniques and joint locks. Workouts are dynamic, fun and functional - naturally designed to improve speed, fluidity of movement, flexibility, agility and power. This is an excellent martial art not only for self-defense, but for improvement in overall well-being. Gain confidence, self-discipline and awareness and cultivate a calm and controlled mental attitude. Intended as an introductory course. No previous martial arts experience required! More information call Sylvia at (541) 344-0404.

Be Fit For Life

Join a local personal trainer and Ironman to learn about aging successfully, maintaining mobility, eating for optimal nutrition, exercising for your body type, and why your breakfast is making you fat. You may be able to keep weight off through the holidays and beyond! Free full-body exercise routine included. Co-sponsored by River Road Park & Recreation and LCC Successful Aging Institute. To register and pay, contact River Road Park & Recreation at 541.688.4052. Participants who live within the River Road Park & Recreation district may qualify for a discount. (SAI Course)

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