Creative Arts


Basics of Photography

This class covers composition, people, nature and event and travel photography. Learn what the aperture does, why are shutter speeds important and what different lenses do.

Intermediate Photography

Build upon skills you learned in Basic Photography while exploring more concepts in greater detail. One-third of the class is dedicated to reviewing student work.


In this class you will learn the best settings for your iPhone or iPad. Learn focus points, exposure settings, editing, cool effects and filters, etc.

Making Friends with Your Digital Camera

Take the mystery out of all those buttons, dials and menus. You will become comfortable with your digital camera by learning how to frame the picture, choose the correct settings, and even understand the manual. Bring your camera and instruction book to class.

Nature Photography

Explore landscape, wildlife, close-up and other special photography techniques for the field in this class. Class includes two field trips so you can practice and apply the principles and techniques as you learn them in the classroom (field trip dates TBA). Bring your camera (digital or film) and instruction book along with your love for the outdoors to the first class.

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