Web Design


Web Design

Put Yourself Out There: Web and Blog Design for Beginners

Do you want an online presence? Create a blog or webpage using Wordpress. Whatever your expressive goals, this hands-on, two-weekend workshop series will help you take steps to achieve your dreams of being published on the web. Prerequisites – Computer skills (navigating a website, keyboarding, saving documents).

Designing Effective Websites

These days, creating a Web site is so easy almost anyone can do it. But with all the competition on the Web, creating a site that's effective is more challenging than ever. To do that, you need to employ good design principles. Regardless of your current skills or level of knowledge, in this course you'll master the basics of Web design and learn how to build sites that are better and more effective. Get ready to take your Web design skills to the next level! - Ed2go Online Class!


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