Principles of Child Guidance Credit Class

Principles of Child Guidance (Saturday Circus)

drawing of family by tree in the sunCredit Class

During this 3-hour weekly class students, parents, teachers, and interested others learn ideas and skills for strengthening relationships with children. Typical problems (e.g. fighting, crying, sibling conflict, bedtime) are approached via activities, discussion and the use of real-life in-home video sequences. Participants participate in discussion and exercises to refine application of skills. 

Topics include the use of encouragement, dealing with power struggles, improving communication, setting reasonable and consistent limits, stimulating independence/responsibility, and improving structure and routine. Important principles covered in the series include the following Principles for Improving Parent/Child Relationships.

Beginning in 1999, as low cost, user friendly digital video technology became available, we began to videotape families at home and use the edited video to supplement parent descriptions in the parenting counseling sessions. This dramatically improved the learning for the counseled parents and those who viewed the sessions. When parents can see real-life situations like their own and see change brought about through effective responses, they make positive changes in their own parenting.

The class is held from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday fall, winter and spring terms, and on Thursdays summer term, following the Lane Community College academic calendar. Parents and professionals can join at any time.

Please note our new location! Downtown Campus, 101 W. 10th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401. Room 106. Checkout the parking tips and information.

We meet promptly at 9am and dismiss class at 11:50. We have childcare available for children aged three (must be toilet-trained) to age twelve. Parents bringing children must arrive and check in their children before 9am. We are open at 8:30 and we register children between the hours of 8:30 and 9am.

Parents using our childcare must be pre-registered. You can register your child by completing a Childcare Registration Form.

Please bring a pen and paper and a folder if you have one available. You will be given class handouts each week. It is helpful if you bring your handouts with you each week.

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