CG211 non-credit syllabus

Principles of Child Guidance
(Saturday Circus) Non-credit syllabus
Summer 2013

Summer Term 2013 SYLLABUS:
Community Participants

Title: Principles of Child Guidance (CG211)
Course Registration Number:  11601
Time: 9:00 am-noon, Saturdays
Instructor: Laura Backen Jones, Ph.D., Counseling
Phone: (541) 463-5234
Enrollment: As a community participant June 27-August 15

Course Description and Format
In this 3-hour human relations class, parents, teachers, counselors and interested others learn ideas and skills for strengthening relationships with children.

Typical problems (e.g. fighting, crying, sibling conflict, homework, bedtime) are approached through activities, discussion and the use of real-life in-home video sequences. Topics include the use of encouragement, dealing with power struggles, effective communication, setting reasonable and consistent limits, stimulating independence/responsibility, and improving structure and routine.

In addition, learn about stress, parenting, and resources you can develop to help you live a valued life. The class is taught in the context of the Community Center for Family Counseling ("Saturday Circus").


  •  Survey the Principles of Child Guidance.
  •  Examine a nurturing and respectful approach for interacting with children and strengthening adult-child and adult-adult relationships.
  •  Learn skills in working with children that support children's healthy development and lead to increased cooperation and mutual respect.
  •  Learn how to reduce stress and move forward in the direction of what you value in your life.
Book Chapters and Supplemental ReadingsSessionTopic
Children the
Challenge: 1-2
Class Introduction
Creating What You Want in Your Family
Letter of Appreciation:
How simple gestures and words can build children's confidence and courage.
Children the
Challenge: 3-6
Supp. Reading:
The Secret to Raising Smart Children...
No Class - holiday
Children the
Challenge: 7-10
Supp. Reading: Why Spanking Does Not Work
ACT to reduce stress and increase your wellbeing. Do you wish that you could be more thoughtful in your parenting (or work with children); live more according to your values, and less in reaction to your negative emotions? Proven strategies for reducing your stress, increasing your confidence, and making your life with children more enjoyable.
Mistake to clean up when you have made a mistake and model a process that will benefit your child for life.
Children the
Challenge: 11-14
Supp. Reading: What is ACT?

Creating the Family Atmosphere You Want. Design your environment according to what's important for you in your relationships with children. Choose methods that fit with your values and create an action plan.

Getting Children Involved. How simple gestures and words can build children's confidence and courage.

Children the
Challenge: 15-19

Understanding Misbehavior: Dealing effectively with demands for attention and power struggles

Children the
Challenge: 20-26
Discipline: Natural and Logical Consequences: Discipline effectively in a way that fosters mutual respect and helps your child learn responsibility
Children the
Challenge: 27-32
Effective Listening: Reduce power struggles and have influence on children. Strengthen your relationships and give children a sense of 'companionship in facing the problems of life.'
Children the
Challenge: 33-39
Anger, Compassion and Possibilities
An effective approach for handling other's anger and your own in a way that actually builds closeness and trust in your relationships.