CG211 non-credit overview

Registering adults for the Class
(non-credit) - Summer 2013

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Community Center for Family Counseling
Principles of Child Guidance ('Saturday Circus')
Lane Community College
Summer Term, 2013

Welcome! I would like to extend my warm welcome to you from the Community Center for Family Counseling staff!

When does the class meet?
This series is held Thursdays, 9-noon, June 27-August 15. We meet promptly at 9am.

Where does the class meet?
Please note our new location! Downtown Campus, 101 W. 10th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401. Room 106.

Where do I park? There are several parking garages downtown, including at the library across from the DTC. Check out this link for ideas.

Who attends this class?
LCC credit students and people from the community, including parents, teachers, child care professionals, counselors and interested others learn ideas and skills for strengthening relationships with children. Many people choose to attend the class multiple terms.

How do you document my attendance? Will I receive a certificate?
We track your attendance each week. At the end of the term, you receive a certificate of attendance if you request one.

Do you have childcare?
Childcare is available on a limited, space-available basis for children aged 3 and up and who are fully toilet-trained. Register early to ensure a space for your child. If you are interested, please email the instructor, Laura Backen Jones ( You can also call her at (541) 463-5234 to find out if your child is eligible.

What is covered?
Learn a nurturing and respectful approach for interacting with children and strengthening adult-child and adult-adult relationships. Gain skills in working with children that support children's healthy development and lead to increased cooperation and mutual respect. Topics include the use of encouragement, dealing with power struggles, improving communication, setting reasonable and consistent limits, stimulating independence/responsibility, and improving structure and routine. In addition, learn an evidence-based approach to effectively handling stress and resources you can develop to help you live a valued life.
Typical problems (e.g. fighting, crying, sibling conflict, homework, bedtime) are approached via activities, discussion and the use of real-life in-home video sequences. Class members participate in discussion and exercises to refine application of skills.

What is the format of the class?

  • 9-10:30 - Typically meet all together
  • 10:30-10:45 - Break
  • After break:
    – "Advanced" Students to room 331
    – Beginners in room 106
  • 11:40 – Dismiss class for LCC credit student meeting.

Registering for the class (Community Participants):
Although the class is free of charge for people in the community, people must register to attend. If you have not registered for the class, choose one of 4 ways to register before you return to the next class.

Who works here?
Laura Backen Jones - Instructor: Beginning class
Susan Hardy - Instructor: Advanced class (CG212)
Arnold Sicotte - Intake specialist and Community Liaison
Jean Lee - Research Associate
April Lightcap - Intern

Child care staff
Nick and Javen - Lead teachers – 3 year old room
Nick and Jessica - Lead teachers – 4 & 5 year old room
Susie and Sean - Lead teachers – 6+ room