Tips for Business Students

Tips for Business Students

Tips for Online Students

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There are many departments and organizations that can support you during your time at Lane. Make sure you are familiar with all the services available.

A great resource for business students is the Business Resource Center located in building 19, room 249. We have business course tutors to help with assignments and projects, quiet study rooms and text books for business classes.

There are some questions and answers that may help you with your studies in Lane's Business Department:

What if I'm having problems with a class? The first thing you should do is talk with the instructor. If you continue to have problems, contact Dave Oatman, the Division Dean for Business and CIT, (541) 463-5305,

What should you do if a class if full? There are two things you can do: 1) Contact the instructor to see if they are willing to let you in the class. 2) Go to the first class session. This does not ensure that you will get into the class, but it may give you a better chance.

What if my instructor dropped me? Call or visit the instructor and explain your situation. Ask if you may be admitted back into the class. Do this as soon as you realize you have been dropped. Note: You must re-register yourself via ExpressLane, but first your instructor must request that the hold be removed from your account.  This may take a few days.

What if I cannot attend class the first week (or more)? Per the college's "No Show Drop" policy you will be dropped if you don't attend at least the one session or for online classes complete at least one meaningful assignment by the end of the first week.  You can try to contact the instructor, explain your circumstances, and request to be added back to the class during the second week, but the instructor is not required to let you back in the class or let you make up missed work if they do let you back in the class.

What is the $100 Late Add Fee? This late fee will be charged for any student who attended a course and expected a grade BUT was not registered for the course. Students must register for classes by the registration deadline. Please refer to the dates for the last day for schedule changes.

What if I missed class? You should contact your instructor to see what you missed. Review your syllabus early in the term to know the consequences of missing tests or homework deadlines. It is your responsibility to contact the instructor, not vice versa.

What if I received the wrong grade? Contact the instructor and ask about the grade. It may be that your grade became confused with another student or the instructor misplaced or misrecorded a grade. Always go through the instructor as a first contact for changing a grade.

May I receive an incomplete? Incompletes are only given in extreme situations. Campus policy is that a student must successfully complete 75 percent of the coursework before receiving an incomplete. Generally students have one year to complete the work to change an incomplete into a grade. An incomplete is not a way to put off doing your work until later.

Is there any business-specific tutoring? Tutoring is offered in the Busniess Resource Center (BRC) located in building 19, room 249. Check the BRC web page for available hours each term. Fliers will also be distributed around the Business Department and classrooms about the times the BRC is open.