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Any evaluation of the president's performance, formal or informal, may be derived only from the criteria established within board Ends and Executive Directions.


  1. The purpose of monitoring is to determine the degree to which board policies are being fulfilled. Information which does not do this will not be considered to be monitoring.
  2. The board will acquire monitoring data by one or more of three methods: (a) by internal report, in which the president discloses compliance information to the board, (b) by external report, in which an external, disinterested third party selected by the board assesses compliance with board policies, and (c) by direct board inspection, in which a designated member or members of the board assess compliance with the appropriate policy criteria.
  3. The standard for compliance shall be any reasonable interpretation of the board policy being monitored.
  4. All policies that instruct the president will be monitored at a frequency and by a method chosen by the board. The board can monitor any policy at any time by any method, but will ordinarily depend on a routine schedule.
Treatment of Learners, BP720InternalAnnually
Treatment of Staff, BP555Internal/ExternalAnnually
Financial Planning and Budgeting, BP260InternalSemi-annual
Financial Condition and Activities, BP255InternalQuarterly
Emergency President Succession, BP350InternalAnnually
Asset Protection, BP205InternalAnnually
Compensation and Benefits, BP515InternalAnnually
Communication and Support to the Board, BP330Internal/Direct Insp.Annually
Community Outreach, BP 335InternalAnnually
Governance Process Policies, BP305-385Direct Insp.Annually

ADOPTED:   November 9, 1998
REVISED:    May 12, 1999
REVIEWED: May 12, 2004
REVIEWED: November 9, 2005
REVIEWED: January 14, 2009
REVIEWED: December 14, 2011