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All procurement on behalf of the college shall be executed in accordance with the requirements of Oregon Revised Statute Chapters 279A, 279B and 279C, the Oregon Community College Rules of Procurement ("CCRP"), and Oregon Administrative Rules 125 (OAR 125) and Lane Community College on-line Policies and Procedures.

Where federal procurement regulations apply and are more restrictive than the state regulations, the federal regulations shall prevail.

Pursuant to ORS 279A.065(5), the Oregon Attorney General's Model Rules (OAR 137) do not apply to Lane Community College except those portions of the Oregon Attorney General's Model Rules that have been expressly identified in Section 300, Appendix A, of the CCRP.

The CCRP shall prevail over the provisions in OAR 125 and where topics are not addressed in the CCRP, the rules of OAR 125 shall remain in force.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: June 9, 2004
REVISED: April 13, 2005
REVIEWED: November 9, 2005
REVIEWED: December 3, 2008
REVIEWED: November 16, 2011