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Only the president, or formally designated representatives, may commit the college to financial obligations or contractual agreements. No obligation may be incurred unless it first has been authorized by the budget or by the budget change process. Any contract entered into in violation of this policy is void as to the college.

All contracts of $100,000 for goods and services contracts, or $150,000 for public improvements contracts or greater shall be approved for award by the board of education. The president is authorized by the board to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the college up to a total dollar value not exceeding $100,000 for goods and services contracts, or $150,000 for public improvements contracts. The president may delegate this authority to college staff.

The Lane Community College Board of Education shall be the college's Local Contract Review Board as defined in ORS 279A.060.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 14, 2004
REVISED: April 13, 2005
REVISED: November 9, 2005
REVISED: July 19, 2006
REVIEWED: October 8, 2008
REVIEWED: October 5, 2011
REVIEWED: February 4, 2015