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The president is accountable to the full board. The board will instruct the president through written policies that prescribe the college Ends to be achieved and describe college situations and actions to be avoided, allowing the president to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies.

  1. The board's sole official connection to the college, its achievements, and conduct will be through the president.
  2. Ends policies direct the president to achieve certain results; Executive Directions policies constrain the president to act within acceptable boundaries of prudence and ethics. With respect to Ends and executive means, the president is authorized to establish all further policies (utilizing the College Governance System), make all decisions, take all actions and develop all activities as long as they are consistent with the board's policies.
  3. The board may change its policies, thereby shifting the boundary between board and presidential domains. By so doing, the board changes the latitude of choice given to the president. But so long as any particular delegation is in place, the board and its members will respect and support the president's choices. This does not prevent the board from obtaining information in the delegated areas.
  4. No individual board member, officer, or committee has authority over the president. Information or assistance may be requested by individual board members, but if such a request—in the president's judgment – requires a material amount of staff time or funds, it may be refused, unless authorized by the board.
  5. Board members who have a concern or issue will first inform the president or designee, providing the administration an opportunity for response. A board member can request that an issue be discussed at a work session or placed on a future board agenda (see BP 305 Agenda Planning).

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: May 12, 1999
REVISED: March 10, 2004
REVISED: October 12, 2005
REVIEWED: October 8, 2008
REVIEWED: September 21, 2011