Student Consultants

Student Consultants

ATC/SHeD - The student consultants of the Academic Technology Center and Student Help Desk are dedicated to helping students and faculty with the instructional technologies used at Lane Community College.

Moodle Support - Each consultant has an extensive knowledge of Moodle's features, in addition to their own specialized skills listed below.

Josh C.

Term Started: Fall 2013
Current Major: Computer Network Operations
Current Assignment: Student Support Coordinator
Areas of Expertise: Microsoft Office suite, Google Docs, Windows 7 & 8

Jacob B.

Term Started: Winter 2013
Current Major: Computer Science
Current Assignment: ATC Webmaster
Areas of Expertise: Adobe Photoshop & Premiere, Microsoft Office suite, HTML, Moodle Gradebook, Adobe Acrobat

Kelly M.

Term Started: Fall 2013
Current Major: -
Current Assignment: ATC Infrastructure Coordinator
Areas of Expertise: Windows, Linux, Android, Microsoft Office suite, iPads