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Math 010A - Whole Number, Fractions, Decimals -- Math 010A students will review whole number skills and learn to compute with fractions and decimals. Students will learn effective math study strategies and demonstrate increased confidence in their ability to study and use mathematics. MTH 010A is intended for students who need to strengthen their basic math skills before moving on to the faster pace of MTH 020. See the term schedule of classes for a list of available courses or the online catalog for full course descriptions.

See the term schedule of classes for a list of available courses or the online catalog for full course descriptions.

Math 010T - Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals: FOR WOMEN-- This class has the same course objectives as Math 010A, but is focused on needs and experiences of women learning math basic skills. Designed originally to provide support for Women in Transition students, ALS has opened up seats for women who are not in Women in Transition. Many Math10T students enjoy the women only learning environment and go on to register for a section of Math20 just for women.

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I used to know this! But I can't remember now. What resources could I use to review Math 10 skills?

If you would like to review math skills from Math 10A before attempting your math placement test, Math10A faculty Adrienne Mitchell created a website with video explanations and practice opportunities for review. You can find it here:

You can use the resource to:

1) Review the videos and try the practice exercises BEFORE you take your math placement test and see if you can test at a higher level

-- or--

2) If you have already taken your math placement test and wonder if you could place higher with some review, spend some time reviewing and re-take the placement test.

Where can I find more options for review?

You may also review by completing practice problems in the Math Placement Prep online review site. Once there, login, or click on the "Login as a guest" button. There you will also find resources to help you prepare for the Math tests. If you have questions about the Math Placement Prep online review site, please contact the Math Division.

Review resources and quizzes are available in Moodle  (login required) that students can use to test themselves on concepts from Math 10 through 65.

If you do not have Moodle access, there are review resources and quizzes available also.